Plamate chain is made up of plastic roller link with either stainless link plate and pin (PS) or nickel plated
link plate and pin (PN).
No lubrication, clean and light in weight.
Usable in temperature up to 70°C from -10°C. The max chain speed should
be less than 70m/min. No offset is available. Use even number of pitches.
Plamate can operate on ANSI standard sprockets.



Placurve chain, made of plastic and stainless steel pin, can sideflex.
No lubrication, light in weight, clean and less noise.
Suitable for conveying bottles, paper bags, small products, food processing.
Chain can operate on ANSI standard sprockets.
Operatable temperature: -10°C~70°C
Chain speed should be less than 60M/min.
Material: Polyacetal PC40S-20 has no wing and is for straight line running.


PD chain, made of polyacetal white and 18-8 stainless steel pin, is straight running chain. The chain can operate on standard ANSI sprockets. Operating temperature is –10°C~70°C. Chain speed should be less than 60M/min.


Stainless or steel outside link plates are molded together with plastic. It looks like outside link plates coated with plastic. Plalink Chain is developed to convey materials on the top of outside link plates.
As Plalink has the advantage of steel strength and plastic lower friction, it is suitable for conveying carton boxes, plastic pallets and products the surface of which should not be damaged. Materials to be conveyed can be accumulated and stopped momentarily.
It is especially suitable for applications where the strength of plastic is insufficient, the advantage of plastic smoothness and low noise are required.



Plastic tops are snapped on extended pins of chain. The chain is enclosed with plastic tops. As there is no opening on plastic tops, it makes foreign objects difficult to go into between plastic tops.
Clip top chain is well suitable for applications where the strength of steel chain and the smooth surface of plastic are required, making it possible to convey heavy loads and prevent materials to be conveyed from damaging.
Carbon steel chain : CT-30-A13.PNG
Nickel plated carbon steel chain : CT40N-U
Stainless steel chain (SUS304) : CT40SUS-E
Selflube steel chain : CT60SER-A
Type of plastic top :
A : Polyacetal (White) for general conveyance
U : Polyurethane (semi transparent) for slip-resistant
E : Electro conductive polyamide for preventing materials
to be conveyed from electrification.
Usable temperature : -10°C to 70°C
(Polyurethane : -10°C to 50°C)
Max chain speed : 30m/min.
(Recommend : 15m/min and slower)
Minimum number of teeth of sprockets : 13


Plalink chain is made up of each outside link with plastic plate and carbon steel plate. Smoothness of plastic prevents products conveyed from being damaged. Carbon steel plates keep a steel strength.

Chain with plastic roller (Polyacetal)